From the Beginning
I didn't think about doing this a year ago when I got interested in Johnny's bands, but better late than never I guess. Let's start with KAT-TUN.

I first discovered them last June when I was watching Gokusen season 2. I love season 2, it's the season with the most written fanfiction (not the reason I love it though). Anyway, I thought that Ryu and Hayato's characters were really cute and with cute characters I have to look the actors/actresses up, but I also looked them up because I noticed an on screen chemistry that I've never seen or felt before. Turns out they were band mates and had awesome music. Totally not disheartened with JinJin not being in the band anymore. When I did some more research I thought it was hilarious that they used to get into fist fights and were totally annoyed with each other. I've never heard of such a thing. This is all I can think of right now. Maybe more later. I'll talk about JUMP next.

Favorite KAT-TUN member: I love all of them.

Favorite songs: Yuuki no Hana, LIPS, Love Yourself, "Give Me, Give Me, Give Me", Ultimate Wheels, N.M.P. and One Drop

Favorite Kame solo song: 1582

Favorite JinJin solo song: Care

Favorite Junno solo song: Flash

Favorite Koki solo song: Parasite

Favorite Uepi solo song: Rabbit or Wolf?

Favorite Maru solo song: Step by Step


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